TDVA-360/25 vacuum circuit breaker

   Nominal voltage                                  25kV
   Max. working voltage                             32kV
   Rated voltage                                    630A
   Rated short-circuit break-off capability         12.5kA
   Short-circuit breaking capacity                  360MVA
   Mechanical service life                          200,000 times

   TDVA-360/25 vacuum circuit breaker complies with IEC60077-4. this product is of upright type with single necking, featured by simple structure, high reliability, basic maintenance free and sound comprehensive performance; which not only complies operation requirement of newly manufactured locomotive in China, but also can interchange with air circuit breaker on existing locomotive conveniently because its installation and control means is fully in line with that of former air circuit breaker, thus, hazard of frequent failure occurred in former air circuit breaker will be eliminated completely, operation safety and reliability of locomotive will be greatly improved as well.

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