TPS1 Wheel/track porcelain sand spray unit
   Wheel/track porcelain sand spray unit, which uses compressed air as power, will spray porcelain sand as tackifying medium on wheel/track contact surface, rapidly restoring wheel/track to be adhesive and slide/slip resistant instead of traditional sanding device. The unit will effectively solve problems including slide/slip and extension of braking distance caused by damage of adhesion on high-speed locomotive, heavy load locomotive and EMUs. Main advantage is as follows:
    ① Significant tackifying effect, short responding time to restore adhesion.
    ②  1t porcelain sand consumed by this unit equals to 50-80t natural sand consumed by traditional sanding device, thus, comprehensive operation cost is reduced.
    ③  No gravel blocks track bed, shunting of track circuit will not be defective, safety is improved remarkably.  
    ④  This unit will reliably operate and be maintenance free basically, which greatly reduces preparation time entering into depot by train, solve the difficulty of supplementing sand on the way of long routing.
    ⑤  No contamination by dust, environmental - friendly operation is realized, route maintenance cost is reduced.
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