TDVC-660/25G vacuum circuit breaker

   Technical parameter
   Nominal voltage                                 25kV
   Max. working voltage                            33kV
   Rated current                                   1000A
   Rated short-circuit break-off capability        20kA
   Short-circuit breaking capacity                 660MVA
   Mechanical service life                         300,000 times

   TDVC-660/25G vacuum circuit breaker complies with IEC60077-4, which is featured by simple and compact structure, high reliability and sound comprehensive performance, in particular, external insulation is made of outdoor epoxy resin, which has sound electrical performance and has higher rigidity at its surface, it can effectively ensure overall performance of vacuum circuit breaker and prevent deformation made between porcelain layer while train runs at high speed, therefore, such vacuum circuit breaker is in particular applicable to install on high-speed EMUs.

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